Monday, September 30, 2019

Philippines and Mayor Vice Mayor

Antonio Pigafetta Magellan's Italian expeditionary ethnographer, went ashore in 1521 to parley with the ruler of Limasawa, they sat together in a boat drawn up on shore which Pigafetta called a balangai Barangay/ Balangai Word for boat also being used for the smallest unit of Tagalog society Barrio Colonial term, a political unit loyal toa local boss Heroic Leadership This perks up their readiness to serve the people's needs, whether prioritize as egular or urgent. Ferdinand Magellan A Portuguese born leader of five Spanish ships, stumbled onto islands in 1521 in his search for the lucrative spices of the Indies Enrique Slave of Magellan who returned to Spain to complete the first circumnavigation of the globe Reduccion Barangays were coaxed or coerced into towns (cabeceras) organized around a newly built church with a resident friar Visitas Small outlaying settlements equipped with a chapel to receive a visiting friar Reduccion Cabeceras District capitals Poblaciones Towns Barrios/B arangays Villages SitiosHamlets Bajo de la campana Under the church bells To bring all indios into Christian communities balo de la campana and to accurately count the population in order to collect the tribute, the combined goals of church and state carried under friar supervision. Muros wall Intramuros (Inside the wall) Were hordes of Spaniards, leading indios, and important institutions of church and Lived non-Christians, dispossessed datus at odds with the new order, and Chinese as well as foreign communities. Encomiendas Granted by King Philip II Wich is the administrative right to collect tribute and draft abor from among the inhabitants of a defined geographical area, along with the responsibility to protect them and provide religious instruction. Polo y servicios Mobilized by the cabeza de barangay.The compulsory 40-day labor per year rendered by tribute payers to the state Servicio Was performed by men and women and consisted largely of domestic service in churches and conv ents Polo Was hard labor performed by men: constructing government buildings and churches

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