Thursday, November 21, 2019

A Critical Discussion about British Airways and Its Entry into Central Essay

A Critical Discussion about British Airways and Its Entry into Central and Eastern European markets - Essay Example To evaluate and analyze the aviation market of Eastern Europe and its feasibility to launch the British Airways, a blend of primary and secondary research has been conducted with a mix of quantitative and qualitative approach. The analysis of the research clearly showed that people are reluctant to choose British Airways because of high prices as there are other better and cheaper alternatives available. This paper further presents conclusion, recommendations and SWOT analysis of British Airways in order to provide a comprehensive insight. Table of Contents Aims & Objectives 6 Airline industry existence is crucial for the worldwide transportation system. These services are available nowadays for both passengers and cargo as well. Some top most airlines of the world are named as: Finnair, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Air France, Emirates, British Airways, Swiss International Airlines, and Lufthansa etc. And few amongst these airlines are also providing the cargo services (air f reight & logistic services) at the same time. This feature is making them prominent in terms of their existence and size also whenever you will go to measure their dominance anyway for example Lufthansa airline is serving as passengers and cargo airline (Behrman, 1972). ... According to a research these top ranked airlines are carried around 10 million travelers, annually. Top on the list are as mentioned below: 8 1.Delta Air Lines 8 2.Southwest Airlines 8 3.American Airlines 8 Financial Performance Chart of British Airways 38 Years 38 Traveler Flown 38 Net profit/loss 38 Basic earnings per share 38 2010 38 31,825,000 38 425 38 38.5 38 2008 38 34,613,000 38 696 38 59.0 38 2006 38 32,432,000 38 464 38 40.4 38 2005 38 35,717,000 38 392 38 35.2 38 2003 38 38,019,000 38 72 38 6.7 38 2002 38 40,004,000 38 142 38 13.2 38 Chapter 1: Introduction Background: In today’s world, when a vast throng of airlines has emerged, competition amongst them has increased simultaneously. Whether these airlines are small and private ones, operating locally or otherwise internationally but in limited areas, or whether they are well established and monopolizing ones, travelers today nonetheless are provided with a vast variety of options when it comes to commuting via air . Such has been the effect of modernization, globalization, commercialization and varied lifestyles demanding increased commuting options combined; people are thus benefiting vastly from the increased options being offered to them, allowing them to make rational choices based on luxury, comfort, convenience and affordability (Dunning, 1993). An airline that has proven its class and has earned a very reputable name for itself over the past few decades is the flagship airline of England, namely British Airways. With its main operating centre being the London Heathrow Airport, British Airways has now a tremendous customer base and following, who chose the airline regardless of how well the route suits them and how economical it is. The primary reason for this is that the airlines has managed

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