Friday, November 1, 2019

Research paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Research paper - Essay Example The fundamental concern in this respect regards misbehavior in classroom and why certain students have the propensity to continuously misbehave. More still, several arguments abound on why students normally misbehave in college classrooms. In order to address the problem of student incivility in classroom, the fundamental reasons behind such weird characters must be understood. Reasons for Classroom Incivility College students normally misbehave for various reasons. Naturally, certain students misbehave due to behavioral disorders in them. In this regard, the problem is a big challenge that cannot merely be addressed by conventional means. It is a psychological disorder that conditions such students to behave contrary to conventional norms (Shariff 88). Similarly other students normally display uncivil behavior due to the lack of love and care directed to them at home. Students should always be nurtured, loved and cared for in order to make them respect and understand themselves and their environments. In most cases, college students are driven by the need for independence and will always strive and push for that. Guiding such students in the classroom normally becomes quite difficult as they always inculcate a sense of antipathy to proper social conduct. In many families across the United States, parents are never keen enough to instill certain fundamental ideals in the conduct of their children. Most children grow up totally oblivious of the importance of some basic social skill like interpersonal relations. Upon being left alone in college, it is realized that such students begin to display their lack of social skills given the manner they behave in classrooms and interact with fellow students and teachers. In most cases, students of college age often seek any form of attention they can receive. Since getting attention on the positive respect normally appears difficult, most students opt to engage in funny behaviors for the mere reason of getting attention f rom their mates. In case they fail to receive the attention they seek, misbehaviors normally become the order of the day. At the early years of college, most students are still not mindful of their future lives and are not really concerned about building a proper foundation for themselves. Students who subscribe to such mindsets are normally very critical of the social order and discipline expected of them in institutions such as schools. As such, they often behave in uncivil manner that only disrupt the process of learning or affect their fellow students. Most college students are normally driven by the need for power and control. This provides the motivation for misbehavior in such students. Such students are normally very disruptive in classrooms and will never be afraid to do anything that would make them achieve their goal. They often provoke, challenge and even threaten teachers in the classroom. They tend to disrespect other students and talk back while disrupting the peace o f the class. It is argued that the present educational systems piles much pressure on college students to work extra hard in order to succeed. Millennial students normally multitask as they feel much

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