Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Critically examine the government's definition of a sustainable Essay

Critically examine the government's definition of a sustainable community and explore the problems associated with applying the concept to poor, inner city area - Essay Example rldwide has led to the need for change of the structure of cities in order to meet the current social and cultural trends; however, the relevant decision should not be taken without a careful examination of the resources available as well as of the potential consequences of these initiatives to the environment. In this context, the appearance of sustainability could be explained at the level that the specific concept could offer the required framework of urban development ensuring the quality of life of people in modern cities. Despite all the measures taken for the application of the principles of sustainability – as they have been developed through the years – in practice it has been proved that in modern urban environment the use of techniques and construction rules that are based on the principles of sustainability is not an easy task; the above phenomenon can explain by the fact that the resources available for the realization of these projects are usually limited, the cost involved is high and the intention of the governments to fully align the urban development of cities with the principles of sustainability is not as strong as required for the promotion of the specific concept in countries around the world – no matter the strength of their economy or their social/ cultural characteristics. The problem seems to be more severe in cases that efforts are made in order to develop relevant projects – based on the principles on sustainability – on areas that are not developed – referring especially to the poor inner city areas. In case that such an initiative is undertaken, the potential risks could be many as it is explained analytically below. The examination of the effectiveness of the governmental plans related with the promotion of sustainability across a country is developed in this paper referring to the case of Britain; the sustainable development of the country’s projects – including the protection of the environment – is achieved

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