Sunday, October 13, 2019

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Bearing in mind the aim of creating ranking criteria to support GPIC’s decision in choosing the most insurance company which it can rely on to pay its money back in case of a claim. Background research was initially performed to gain both knowledge and information regarding the Insurance industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain and worldwide. This knowledge in turn helped us to reach to our final deliverable. This criterion was based on a number of factors, to name them: †¢ Insurance company reputation both locally and worldwide †¢ Core business percentage & Insurance company area of specialty †¢ Nature of the insurance company, the question of is it a consolidated or non-consolidated company was the main concern. †¢ Insurance company performance based on specific ratios (detailed in the Financial analysis) †¢ Based communication networks so customers can reach them easily: available branches, online communications (website, e-mails), and clear communication lines including telephone numbers, faxes etc. Search Methodology and criteria formulation- Limitations and Difficulties: Before reaching t...

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