Saturday, October 19, 2019

Principles of Critical Care Nursing - Leadership and teamwork when Essay - 1

Principles of Critical Care Nursing - Leadership and teamwork when planning care and making decisions - Essay Example Besides, the clinicians must ascertain the patient’s variables such as salt and diet intakes alongside the ability to adhere to the therapeutic regimen (Aronson, 2009). It is critical to maintaining optimal potassium levels of at least 4.0 mmol/L for this particular patient besides a routine potassium monitoring. There is also need for the joint administration of Magnesium to enhance the cellular uptake of potassium (Urden, Stacy & Lough, 2014)). The Intravenous piggyback infusions of electrolyte require that the administration be executed based on free-flow protected devices such as an infusion pump. Patients must meet certain conditions before the initiation of the Potassium (SCr 40Kg). The electrolyte replacement protocols such as potassium Phosphate or Chloride may be ordered individually or jointly (Kee, Paulanka & Polek, 2010). Initiating intravenous Potassium therapy is hazardous and should meet certain strict requirements. The intravenous treatment of hypokalemia has to be instigated only when the enteral route cannot be availed or confirmed not to achieve the standard elevation of serum Potassium based a clinically set timeframe (Kee, Paulanka & Polek, 2010). The guidelines for initiation of replacing Potassium must be determined by the urgency of Potassium replacement and should only be performed in case of cardiac arrhythmia, low serum Potassium (

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