Monday, October 7, 2019

The Urban Farmers Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Urban Farmers - Assignment Example It is realistic that the provisions are fresh; thus, the hygiene and health benefits accrued remain evident compared to the provisions availed by various supermarkets whose sources rest unknown to Eugene’s consumers. In the present, the market provides an uncontested array of provisions ranging from farm products to local artwork. Therefore, the journal’s mission through the volunteered project would assert the ongoing clientele and pricing practices in the market. 0930hrs-0959hrs- assessment of the random population of consumer groups entering and exiting the market. It is realistic that 50% of the clients entering target vegetable products. Another 10% of the clients seek the attention of floral farmers. The remaining 40% population of clients targets plants and animal product farmers. 1000hrs-1029hrs- The clients’ visit distinct farmers in the market. It is evident from the random population of clientele that some of farmers could be unknown to the clients in accordance to the behavioral practices. 1130hrs-1200hrs- Analyzing the differences in prices. It is recommended that farmers need to implement similar pricing models, which would avoid the unfair competition prevailing in the current market structure. The volunteer program in the evaluating the customer counts at Alley Street and in assessing the pricing practices shown by the farmers served towards the recognition of the potential economic yield that one would accrue from consuming the local products. Personally, the social practices shown by Lane County Farmers’ Market participants influenced the perception that they were devoted to ensure organic farming practices for healthy consumption. I realized that the prices were different amongst the competing farmers. However, it is evident that the prices were economical compared to those stipulated by the giant supermarkets on the same products. Therefore, buying and consuming products from the Lane County

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