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MOD (Ministry of Defence) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

MOD (Ministry of Defence) - Essay Example Moreover, dedicated biometric solutions facilitate to provide smooth secret financial transactions as well as personal data privacy. It has been viewed in the case study that Biometric Identification Verification (BIV) System was the initial UK biometric access control system that was deployed and designed especially for the military users. This particular system was mainly designed in order to deliver a high availability as well as reliable security solution (Business Reporter, 2011). The perception of a role based authentication is typically regarded as a system in which the users possess certain major roles that are allotted to them. The roles can demonstrate the capabilities as well as the limits of making any significant change and access various areas in the technological process (Choukse & Singh, 2011). One of the leading edge approaches to role based authentication is that it is correlated with information security that significantly aids in lessening the complexities of secu rity administration. The other leading edge approach of role based authentication is that it determines the risk exposure from the employees who access efficient Information Technology (IT) system. However, the idea of role based authentication has been currently criticised due to certain problems that have risen in constructing an initial role arrangement as well as owing to its inflexibility in quickly transforming domains (Kuhn, Coyne, & Weil, 2010). Spring Security is regarded as one of the alternative solutions that can be applicable to the context of using biometric solutions. It is principally viewed to be a greatly customisable authentication and a strong access-control framework (Mularien, 2010). Moreover, another alternative that can be pertinent within the background of using biometric solutions is Apache Shiro. This particular alternative has been observed to be an easy as well as a powerful security framework that significantly deals with cryptography, authorisation, se ssion management and authorisation functions (The Apache Software Foundation, 2012). In relation to determine the distinction between the two aforementioned alternatives i.e. Apache Shiro and Spring Security to rule-based authentication mechanism, it has been observed that the aforesaid alternatives are quite easy to learn, manage as well as deploy as compared to role based authentication (The Apache Software Foundation, 2012). Question b Computer security is incessantly becoming a crucial concern for all. In this regard, biometric solutions are playing an imperative part in providing utmost security as well as authenticity by validating the individuality of a person through various media such as fingerprints, facial features and hand geometry among others. Similarly, in this connection, PALM biometrics also plays a decisive role in increasing security along with authenticity by a significant extent. It can be affirmed that this particular system i.e. PALM vein system of biometrics is viewed to be a modern progression in the systems of biometric security (Lee, 2012). PALM biometrics performs its operational functions quite differently as compared to other biometric systems. It generally takes the digitalised image of the veins of the users and evaluates it with the templates that have been stored in a particular

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